Along with offering floral decorations year-round in our office, Lake Charles Park Cemetery & Mausoleum has many other floral opportunities for our families throughout the year.

  • Twice a year we offer a special floral promotion highlighting arrangements for all the holidays featuring Easter Lilies, Memorial Day bouquets and live balsam grave blankets and wreaths for Christmas to name a few. Click Here to Order

  • We have a year round floral placement program that includes Easter, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day and Christmas where our staff places an arrangement for each holiday at the gravesite.

  • We offer memorial trees and plaques. You have your choice of a Bradford Pear, Dogwood, Holly Tree or Holly Bush that will include a bronze plaque attached to a granite base that is set at the base of the tree to memorialize your loved one.

  • You may also sponsor an existing tree or flag in our cemetery with one of our memorial plaques.

  • Information is available on Family Floral Trusts.

  • Volunteers for gardening opportunities are always welcomed and appreciated. If interested, please call our office for details.

All purchases can be made in our office, by mail, by calling 314-725-7802 or by emailing info@lakecharlescemetery.com.

Floral Rules & Regulations

Please note that our Floral Rules and Regulations were formed from a wish to maintain the beauty and uniformity of our cemetery for all of our families. With your help and the efforts of our crew we will make our cemetery a show place we can all be proud of and enjoy.

Please note: This is only a partial list, for more information inquire at office.

  1. Florals placed in approved vases are permitted year round. However, during mowing season only two decorations in approved vases are allowed.

  2. Wilted or unsightly weathered decorations will be removed at our discretion.

  3. We are not responsible for any florals placed on graves, decorate at your own risk.

  4. For help in finding loved ones’ place of rest inquire at the office during business hours or call the office to arrange to pick up a map. All location maps are generated by the office.

All unauthorized planting will be removed at the Superintendents discretion, without warning.

Inquire at the office for allowable Holiday decoration guidelines.

Florals are available in the office at all time for all seasons.