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Entrance way

A breathtaking, three-story monumental Beaux Arts Classical gatehouse made of Bedford stone and designed by Gabriel Ferrand stands at the entrance.

Triumphal arches on either side of the gatehouse admit automobiles to the cemetery, and massive curved colonnades with tall Doric columns supporting a cornice and frieze project beyond each triumphal arch.


Garden of Angels

Love for the gift He gave us,

Trust in His Wisdom Devine,

and faith we'll hold our child again

in a better place at a better time.


Garden of valor

Our Garden of Valor features Missouri’s first Military Order of the Purple Heart Fallen Heroes Monument dedicated November 16, 2009 to All Veterans of All Wars. Our Veteran Garden offers Full Military services for all Veterans. Veterans receive a free grave here at Lake Charles Park Cemetery and Mausoleum and your loved one may be buried with you, either double depth or side-by-side.

Contact our office regarding upcoming services co-hosted by Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.



For thousands of years, mausoleums have served as an alternate way to pay tribute to loved ones as opposed to modern burial methods. The most famous being the Taj Mahal, mausoleums come in many shapes and sizes. Lake Charles Cemetery added the first phase of their garden mausoleum in the late 1990's, with their first entombment taking place in March of 1998. Our mausoleum has the capability of accommodating 96 entombments and 48 cremations.